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After someone sends in a brief application explaining who they are and what idea they plan to explore, Härén selects several people to each get their own week on an island. He also asks guests to make a $1,000 contribution to charity, but if they can’t afford that, it doesn’t mean they won’t get selected. “I try to select the people who inspire me the most,” he says. “I try to get a mix of different people and ideas—it is not always the ‘best’ idea that gets to go.”

Want Some Space For A Creative Project? Stay On A Private Island—For Free | Co.Exist | ideas impact

New life goal: stay on this island in Sweden and work on some ideas.

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Socially, excluding Android users seems almost prejudicial. Unlike Android is difficult, this isn’t about about mere convenience; it’s a value judgment on who is worth designing for. Put uncharitably, the root issue is “Android users are poor”.

Why don’t designers take Android seriously? — Medium

This puts into words what rubbed me the wrong way about that CVB sponsored app that’s iOS only *and* ignores a lot of the neighborhoods in our city.

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Welcome, everyone, to ThinkUp.


Today, for the first time, ThinkUp is open to the world. You can just sign up and become a member. We hope you’ll do so!

In the months and years that we’ve been working on ThinkUp, the biggest question that’s come up is a simple one: What is ThinkUp? How we answer that question depends a lot…

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River City Rocketry is a team at the University of Louisville that competes in the annual NASA Student Launch Projects NSL competition and other such rocketry endeavors. Here they are doing a test launch of a prototype sub-scale rocket. 

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Ten years ago today, a brilliantly imaginative, oddball dramedy premiered. Destined to air but a scanty four episodes, it lives forever in the hearts of its fans. Happy show-birthday, Wonderfalls. You were too precious for this dark world.

Happy 10th Anniversary, Wonderfalls! — Vulture

Still have it on DVD. Love it too much to part with it.

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Did you know that was the original slogan for the World Wide Web? Before we had disruption, innovation, changing the world, and giant piles of money, we had “share what you know.” Isn’t that nice? What a humble and auspicious beginning. All we have now is built upon that spirit, and I myself would like to get back to it.
Frank Chimero – This One’s for Me

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Kentucky is largely overlooked by Canadians who motor through the Bluegrass State en route to the beaches of Florida.

I’ve done it myself — cruised the shady hills along I-75 with only sunshine on my mind. I gassed up the car and stayed overnight at a roadside motel near Lexington, then hit the highway early the next morning, anxious to be on my way further south.

It was only years later, during a visit to Louisville, that I discovered how much had been missed by not stopping off for a few days.

Kentucky: One of America’s most underrated destinations | USA | Travel | Toronto Sun

What up Canada?