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Let's! Be! Friends!


One of the most frequently shared ThinkUp insights measures how many exclamation points you’ve used. We’ve talked about it as the “excitement insight” but perhaps we’ve been looking at it wrong. Language is a living thing. It changes and evolves, its rules get updated. While exclamation marks…

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Location, Location, Location


Information about your physical location should be one of the most secure aspects of your online identity. Where you are and where you’ve been is sensitive information that should only be shared when you expressly want to make it public. Unfortunately that’s not always the case. Even for the most…

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Is Your Facebook Profile So Fresh, So Clean?


Once upon a time your Facebook profile was fresh and new. Your bio, your URL, your Dexter obsession levels, your cover photo and your quote were all accurate and up to date. Your profile was a tidy corner of the web that represented you exactly the way you wanted.

Then time passed. You…

Referencing Outkast in thing I write for work is a serious job perk. Go ThinkUp!

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A Way Back From That Hurt


It has rained all day. It is dark outside. I don’t mind. It seems appropriate.

I wrote an essay for The New York Times about the beach. It’s humor. I mention this because I have already received an e-mail, from a stranger, explaining to me why I am wrong about the beach. Thank you.

Here is…

Whoa. Just..whoa. 

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A Candid Look at Unread's First Year


To my knowledge, indie developers don’t publish the kind of numbers that you’ll find in this post. My sales records are none of your business, as the saying quite literally goes. The question in your mind will no doubt be why am I writing this at all? It’s a fair question. Before I answer it,…

A painful look at the realities of developing apps that don’t involve recurring revenue streams. 

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Get to Know Two Factor Authentication


No matter how complicated your passwords are or how well you’re storing them, you have to trust that the site you’re using is doing security correctly. If they’re not, your password could be leaked out onto the Internet, where any evil villain could use your credentials for no good. In fact, in most cases, you should probably just assume that every password you have will be stolen at some point.

It’s not all bad news though. There are methods to keep attackers out of certain accounts, even if you posted your password out on the Internet for all the world to see (this is an extreme example, please don’t do this!). Today we’re going to explore one of those methods, called Two-Factor Authentication.

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If you have not turned on two factor authentication for your gmail account you need to get on that shit. 

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My coworkers offered compliments and thanks for my contributions, and I felt a bit like a withered plant that just received a healthy watering. Literally minutes later, I was bouncing around the office like I hadn’t been in weeks.

High Fivery – The Pastry Box Project

A thoughtful post from Greg Hoy on how we can be significantly impacted by positive feedback, compliments and other forms of showing appreciation.

It truly is nice to be nice.

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(via thinkupapp)